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Electrochromic glass

Highest material purity for an optimal view: sputtering targets for electrochromic glass

Plansee coating materials are used in a wide range of applications: from ultrahigh resolution screens and touch panels to components for LEDs, solar cells, and smart glass. Smart glass or switchable glass contains different layers, between which charged particles can move back and forth. This results in the desired degree of transparency of the glass. Smart glass darkens automatically only in those areas that should be darkened. In this way, it reduces not only the energy consumption required for building climate control, but it also allows more natural light to shine into the interior of the building than would be possible using regular blinds or additional veneers. This has a positive effect for both people and the environment.

Plansee supplies suitable tungsten-nickel sputtering targets for manufacturing electrochromic layers in dimmable smart windows. At the same time, we are the only sputtering target manufacturer who covers the entire range from raw material to the finished planar- or rotary target – all production steps are carried out in-house. Our process chain starts with the reduction of ultrapure oxide to metal powder. This is the only way for us to guarantee the highest material purity and an optimal microstructure. An absolute must for a high degree of efficiency – producing uniform erosion rates and high sputtering speeds.

You can rely on Plansee as a partner with one hundred years of experience in manufacturing high-quality coating materials. That's why system manufacturers have been relying on our expertise as well as our products for many years now. Our materials scientists and engineers will work together with you to develop tailored solutions for your individual application. At the same time, our investment in mines in the West helps to ensure a secure supply of raw materials. You also benefit from our in-house production as well as our international manufacturing network, meaning delivery capability is guaranteed.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Delivery performance

  • Highest product quality

  • High production

  • Versatile production

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