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MoW sputtering targets

Molybdenum-tungsten sputtering targets

Our molybdenum-tungsten alloys have a better chemical stability than pure molybdenum during wet-etching using ITO, aluminum, or copper etching solutions. The speed of etching can be selectively adapted to suit requirements by adding tungsten. The tungsten content in the target is defined according to the application in question and amounts to up to 50 percent by weight. Our powder metallurgical manufacturing process guarantees a homogeneous distribution of the tungsten.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • High purity
    > 99.97%

  • Maximum density
    > 99.95%

  • Homogeneous microstructure and chemical composition

Download our product specifications:

MoW25 sputtering target specification

Center of expertise for new coating solutions

Center of expertise for sputtering targets

In the PVD coating process, everything must be perfectly matched. It is only if all process parameters are perfectly matched that the layer that suits the customer's exact requirements can be produced. We carry out sputtering under real-life conditions in our PVD application laboratory. Our team of developers produces layers and analyzes them in detail according to defined specifications. New coating materials are developed in a short period of time in cooperation with our customers and development partners. Having worked with system manufacturers and OEMs for several years, we are directly involved in the latest developments and optimizations. We coat many of our products such as semiconductor base plates and rotating X-ray anodes in-house using the PVD, CVD, APS, and VPS coating processes.

Top quality since 1921

Our customers have been relying on Plansee as an independent private company for an entire century. Reliability, quality, and continuity are hugely important to us. Especially when it comes to our raw material supply. With Global Tungsten & Powders and our shareholding in Molibdenos y Metales (Molymet), the Plansee Group covers all of the steps involved in tungsten and molybdenum processing. From producing the powder to powder metallurgical processes, all the way through the production of semifinished products and customer-specific components.

We therefore house the entire value-added chain for our sputtering targets under one roof, From the raw material to the final product. Our in-house production encompasses both the development of new materials and the optimization of layers and coating processes.

Sintering is the central process in our manufacturing process. We manufacture compact, metal sintered parts from porous powder blanks. We produce planar targets in the world's largest hot-rolling mill for refractory metals. Following the machining process, the sputtering targets are finalized ready for installation in our local bonding shops.

    Mixing alloys
    Heat treatment
    Mechanical processing
    Quality assurance
OxideMolymet (Chile) is the world's largest processor of molybdenum ore concentrates and our main supplier of molybdenum trioxide. The Plansee Group holds a 21.15% share in Molymet. Global Tungsten & Powders (USA) is a division of the Plansee Group and our main supplier of tungsten metal powder.

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