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Power electronics

Excellent thermal management: components for power electronics

Power electronics comes into play when you need to control energy reliably and transform it into various frequencies, voltages, or currents. The components being used must be reliable and durable to ensure that everything runs safely. This is not a problem for our products made from molybdenum and tungsten and their alloys. Our materials are used, among other things, as base plates, heat spreaders, and heat sinks. They ensure optimal cooling and proper heat management for semiconductor components.

Our products have excellent thermal conductivity and a low, adjustable thermal expansion that is similar to the thermal expansion of silicon and silicon carbide. They are ultrapure, heat- and corrosion-resistant. Because of this, they ensure a long-lasting and flawless functionality for semiconductor components. We have decades of experience in power electronics, so we know the requirements intimately. With us, you can rely on an experienced and reliable partner. The strictest tolerances, high production capacities, and short-term sample developments are standard for us.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • European Competence

  • Coating know-how

  • Mass
    production option

  • Found application

  • Wide-ranging product portfolio

  • Short-term sample

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