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We produce more than 75,000 products out of the high performance materials molybdenum and tungsten, which are used in a wide range of different industries across the world. Owing to their special material properties, refractory metals are particularly well suited to applications in the semiconductor, medical technology, aerospace, and defense industries. We support the semiconductor industry in the production of the latest, most powerful microchips and ensure high-precision components for protecting human life in the medical technology industry. Our products are found in the lighting and glass industry, furnace construction and mechanical engineering, and in the energy sector. They provide a valuable contribution to making our engineered world simpler, safer, and a better place to be


Application areas for refractory metals

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As an innovation partner, we stand by your side in the search for suitable materials and solutions for your applications right from the very start. Whether for a long-term development partnership or a short-term project, you can rely on comprehensive and expert support based on our decades of experience.

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