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Plansee India is the expert in fine tungsten wires and fine molybdenum wires. They have a minimum diameter of just 0.015 millimeters – so thin that they 'invisibly' heat windshields in modern cars. As electrodes in wire eroding machines, they transport high voltages and can cut even the hardest material with a high degree of precision. Our fine wires are most commonly used as filaments in halogen lamps. However, our ultra-fine wires also play an important role in various areas of medical technology, such as electrosurgery or robotic surgery.

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Plansee India High Performance Materials Pvt.Ltd.

Plot No. 311 Hebbal Industrial Area Metagalli Post570016 Mysuru
Tel:+91 821 25 13 746Fax: +91 821 25 10 668
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    Coil of fine tungsten wire

    Coil of fine tungsten wire

    Evaporation coils

    Evaporation coils

    Evaporation boats

    Evaporation boats

    Twisted wire

    Twisted wire

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    In addition to twisted wires and filaments, Plansee India also produces boats for thermal evaporation systems and ion implantation systems. Customers throughout the world have come to rely on the material expertise and decades of experience of our employees. We are the first port of call for new ideas on the subject of fine wire. We work with you to optimize the properties of our wires to suit your exact application.

    Plansee India works with state-of-the-art production technologies and is fully integrated into the global Plansee production network for the powder metallurgical production of the high-performance materials molybdenum and tungsten.

    Our promise of quality

    At Plansee India, we look after the health and safety of our employees. As a responsible company, we protect the environment and adopt a conscientious approach to raw materials and resources. Our environmental management system is certified according to 14001:2015 and our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

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