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Lighting industry

High-performance and durable: our components for the lighting industry

The production of components for light bulb manufacturing has been a part of our core competence for 100 years. Tungsten wires from Plansee have been lighting up incandescent lamps since 1921. And our refractory metals are still ensuring optimum visibility today. Whether it's in halogen lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, or the manufacture of infrared lamps. Our materials made from molybdenum and tungsten and their alloys have a high melting point, low vapor pressure, excellent thermal conductivity and weldability, and a low electron work function.

With our experience in the manufacturing of high-quality lamp components, you can count on us to be your reliable and sustainable partner. We only invest in Western mines to secure responsible and sustainable raw materials. Our production process starts with the reduction of metal powder and ends with the ready-to-mount lamp component. Our materials scientists and engineers will adapt the properties of our components to your exact requirements – with the strictest manufacturing tolerances and optimal quality. We are also making continual investments in the latest, fully automatic systems to guarantee high production capacities and a reliable delivery capability.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Highest product quality

  • Sound application

  • High production

  • Versatile production

  • Supply chain integration

  • Reliable delivery capability

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